Tree bearing fruits in the shape of girls

Tree bearing fruits in the shape of girls



We have heard the legend about the same girl, but we may not always agree with me. We have taken the mystery story. The result is a different girl. For those who want to know if it is a girl, however.

In ancient times it is believed that the woman is a mystery, and the fruits of the forest creatures. Common land is not possible. It is a fruit that looks like a wonderful person for everything. And is in the form of a young woman with a very beautiful appearance. The woman is currently in Laos has been found that a tree is shaped like a human and a human-like and widely used as a talisman to aid in the lucrative trade. Most of the timber in a dry place. It does not look very big man is a woman. Believed to have resulted in the woman’s age, the physician was Dr.. Dictionary of gods and angels were created to provide protection to her, because during the medical treatment Thomas Jefferson to Dr. charitable in the forest creatures. Mrs. Thomas had to spoil you with treatment. And she has a beautiful appearance as well. Inverted so that the wild creatures saw enough merit in it to make her look even snaps. The woman that has built up in order to prevent the occurrence. The causes of the lyrics.

The Canary Current is clear that no proof of the girl so much that the side effects that occurred in Laos, it is true, however. However, popular, people used to help in the trade. The most popular model is the female counterpart.
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